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my remix album! featuring my remixes of little jon/e40, biggie, dominque young unique, minus the bear, good health, ass touchers, sufjan stevens, detox retox, little wayne, little kanye, will smith, and others. happy new years weave, everyone




some of you have been asking me to put my new hip hop album up here, so i figured there was no better day than today!





Most people today are confused as to why they should purchase music. I am just as guilty as anyone for downloading music, but I have realized why it is important to buy/support artists you love. Yes, music is free. It is not tangible. It exists “magically” through frequencies. You can not technically “buy” music, just like you can not buy air. When you purchase music, you are giving money to the artist who created it so that they can continue making music and potentially (or continue) touring. Today, I have decided to put all of my albums up to download for free, so that anyone who is curious can listen. All I ask is that if you are able, please donate whatever you can spare so that I can afford to tour when I am ready. I currently have no living expenses, so all the money I make is being saved up so that I can use it when I am able to tour. I have recently started performing live, so touring is happily within my grasp. I would love nothing more than to be back out on the road again, playing my heart out for anyone who cares to listen. Thank you to anyone who has ever supported me. Even if you have not given a single dime, listening to my music and telling your friends to listen, too, is priceless. I am not here to guilt trip you into donating money; I only ask that if you can give, give. If you can not, please just enjoy the music I have created and proceed to tell every single one of your friends to check this website out! Feel free to burn copies for your friends, send them the tracks, or any other crazy ideas you have. I do everything myself; I have no record labels pumping thousands and thousands of dollars into advertising so that people hear my music. The only reason I have any fans is because of YOU. Thank you. I love you. - Zachary Ryan Garren <- First album: “SON, SHINE” <- Second album: “II” <- Third album: “ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT ME AS I AM? <- Fourth album: “COOL” <- Fifth album: “HI-TECH/LOW-LIFE” <- BONUS! “The Seven Daughters” instrumental grind EP I recorded a few years ago.

I currently have shirts and home-made physical copies of some of these albums up at and would love if you bought something! The shirts are limited, so if you want one, get one ASAP!

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Here’s some random videos of my music!